Cabañas Algarrobo Luz
Cabañas Algarrobo Luz
Cabañas Algarrobo Luz

Who We Are

Algarrobo Luz" cabins & SPA Resort, is the culmination of a dream come true, the result of work and daily effort of many people.

The dream to build a cabin in an environment of unparalleled beauty and power through the years has grown to become the current complex of cabins, each year increasing and improving the facilities and services, growing to enhance the stay of our guests ... the true architects of our success.

Thus, maintaining the vision and desire of the first day we afianzándonos in tourism Punilla Valley, a great place for you to spend your next vacation.

Cabin resort "Algarrobo luz"
Juan José Paso 536 - Capilla del Monte (CP 5184) Córdoba - Argentina

Tel: +54 3548 482673 / Cel: +54 3548 15578323